When to Replace Your Car's Power Steering Fluid


What Is Power Steering Fluid?

Power steering fluid plays a crucial role in helping your car function smoothly. This fluid is used in hydraulic power steering systems to make turning the steering wheel in your car easier. It also serves as the lubricant for all the moving parts within your car's power steering system. Without power steering fluid, parts of your steering system could corrode; you would also find it significantly more difficult to turn the wheels of your car.

The power steering fluid in your car is stored in a reservoir under the hood. The reservoir is usually white or yellow and will have a cap on it that is typically labeled "power steering fluid" or "steering fluid." This reservoir is connected to the rotary valve via the steering hoses. When the engine of your car is running, the power steering fluid is pressurized; that pressure is harnessed to assist with the turning of your car's wheels.

Does My Car Need A Power Steering Fluid Flush?

Power steering fluid can degrade or become contaminated over time. The fluid itself is most commonly either clear or has a pink or reddish tint. If the fluid in your car has turned significantly darker or appears foamy or sludgy, it might be time to replace it by doing a power steering fluid flush. A flush simply means that all of the old power steering fluid in your car is drained and then replaced with fresh fluid.

Steering problems are another sign that it's time for flush. If you notice that it's become more difficult to turn your wheels, or that there's a loud whining noise when you turn the steering wheel, you'll want to bring your car in to have your power steering fluid levels checked.

You should also consult the owner's manual of your car for specific guidance on the recommended frequency of power steering fluid flushes. Manufacturer recommendations for a flush can range from once every 50,000 miles to once every two years.

Keeping the power steering fluid in your car fresh can help to ensure the functionality of your entire power steering system. If it's time for your car's power steering fluid to be flushed, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Exclusive Motorworks today!

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