What Types Of Fluids Does My Car Have?

When talking about car fluids, many people don't know what that means exactly. If you continue to read, you will find out all of the major fluid types in your vehicle. By knowing them, you will have a better idea of what to check and refill.

Engine And Transmission Oil

Starting with the most obvious, the transmission and engine oil. They need to be changed regularly to keep all the parts lubricated and working properly. Furthermore, they dissipate heat and keep the components at a certain temperature, where they work at their best. Make sure you regularly check the engine oil level, and for the transmission, check it at a repair shop once in a while.


The next vital fluid for your vehicle is the coolant and its additives. Usually, it is filtered water with added antifreeze, but there are other alternatives. Its main purpose, however, is to cool the engine so it doesn't overheat and shut down. Inspecting your vehicle for leaks and low coolant levels regularly is advised in order to prevent engine damage.

Brake Fluid

One of the most neglected fluids in your vehicle is the brake fluid. Almost all brake systems function with a simple fluid pressure system. When the brakes have been pressed, the fluid inside the lines is pressured, resulting in the activation of the calipers. And when that exact fluid leaks or is not enough, problems arise. 

Window Washer Fluid

Window washer fluid is one of the most used fluids in your car. As its name implies, its job is to wash the windows with the help of window wipers. Make sure to keep it topped off because it is quite helpful in certain situations.

Power Steering Fluid

Another widely overlooked and forgotten fluid is the one in your power steering system. While more modern vehicles have fully electric steering wheels, the others function with the help of a special fluid. The next time you visit a repair shop, ask the mechanics to check and replace it if needed.

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