What Signs Indicate A Need for Brake Service?

Understandably, keeping a car in mint condition at all times is a challenging task. Unless you're a professional, catching problems before they arise is not easy. However, most drivers can detect a few signs before taking their cars to the auto repair shop, especially when it comes to their brakes. Below are some of the top signs that your brakes need service:

Grinding or Screeching Sounds

Your brakes should be almost silent every time you press on the pedal. If you begin to hear metal grinding on metal, we highly urge you to bring your vehicle to Exclusive Motorworks for a brake check. Metallic sounds could result in complete brake failure and damage your car.

Brake Pedal Vibration

When the rotors wear too thin, they're sensitive to warping. When they become distorted, you will feel a pulsation through the brake pedal (and sometimes the steering wheel).

Pulling to One Side

When the brake linings are wearing unevenly, it will make your car pull left or right. This symptom can also suggest that your brake fluid is contaminated. In this case, you will need to get your brake fluid flushed.

Soft Brake Pedal

Has your brake pedal ever felt super sensitive and soft to the touch? If your pedal goes straight to the floor when you apply pressure, it often suggests your brake pads are worn down. It can also indicate other problems such as air in the brake lines or a fluid leak.


Your safety is always a top focus at Exclusive Motorworks. If you need brake service, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop in Jupiter, FL, today!

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