What Is A Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)?

Purchasing a car, new or used, is a significant investment. It can make your wallets hurt if you get sucked into buying a troubled car. That is where the pre-purchase inspection (PPI) comes in.


When you bring your vehicle to Exclusive Motorworks for a PPI, our professional mechanics will inspect the entire vehicle for signs of mechanical, structural, or cosmetic issues and investigate to determine if there was any previous damage. We highly recommend a pre-purchase inspection when buying a car without a warranty, when the vehicle is purchased from a long distance, and when buying from an unknown seller. A PPI from an unbiased party will minimize the risks for the buyer.


A pre-purchase inspection involves a thorough interior and exterior diagnostic check, including a road test. Our team will assess the engine, tires, brakes, suspension, fluids, transmission, and more. We will also look for unusual smells and sounds to uncover hidden problems. Our techs will put the vehicle up on the lift to check for cracked or rusted pipes and leaks. 


If the car has had any previous damage, we will make sure they have been fixed properly. At the end of the assessment, we will provide you with a full report of the vehicle’s condition. If we find any existing damages, we will even write up an estimate for the repairs. The extent of the damage can be a great negotiation tactic. Let us help you make a more confident decision when making an investment in a car.


Whether you find out that you’ve dodged a bullet or hit gold, we hope we made a difference. Understanding what’s going on under the hood could save you a ton of time and money down the line. If you are looking for a PPI in Jupiter, FL, please give Exclusive Motorworks a call or visit soon.

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