In What Situations Should I Call Towing Services

Towing services are widely offered and available. They can save you from some very sticky situations or assist you in bringing your vehicle to the repair shop. Usually, a bigger truck or flatbed comes and attaches a winch to your car. But you might ask what the right time to call towing services is except when you are stranded or stuck. In this blog, we will give you a couple of situations where calling for a tow is vital.

Flashing Check Engine Light

In comparison with the solid check engine light, a flashing one means there's a big issue. Causes can differ, but it flashes for a reason - it wants to grab your attention. Towing services are advised because driving a vehicle like that can result in parts or even engine failure.

Metallic Grinding Sound From Engine Bay

If you start hearing a metallic grinding sound from the engine department, you should stop the car right away. It can either be extremely low oil levels or a stuck, loose part dancing around. Such a problem is very serious because it can damage the cylinder walls and make them unusable - resulting in engine replacements.

Dashboard Filling Up With Lights

Finding your dashboard filled with warning lights out of nowhere is unpleasant, to say the least. Some cars even have warning messages that pop up on the infotainment system, alerting the driver. Towing the vehicle is the best option because a certain cause can't be given.

Burnt Smell Or Smoke From Vents
If smoke or a burnt odor comes out from your car's air conditioning system, you should be a little bit concerned. The best course of action is to call a tow truck because the reason behind a burnt smell or smoke can be more than one.

Towing Services Offered by Exclusive Motorworks!

At Exclusive Motorworks, we offer all kinds of repair and maintenance services, and on top of that, we also tow vehicles! If you find yourself in one of the situations from above or are stuck somewhere, call us, and we will help out!

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