How to Protect Your Vehicle Battery During the Summer

Summer may sound exciting when you think of the beach, but the heat is unfavorable to some things like your car battery. If you are going to drive frequently or for long distances this summer, it's recommended to consider ways to protect your car's battery from the heat.

The summer heat damages your battery 33% faster than the extremely cold months. According to experts, your car battery has a lower life expectancy of about 30 months in summer than in winter's 51 months. Heat places a lot of strain on the battery and accelerates damage through,

  • Corrosion
  • Overcharging due to malfunctioning of the charging system
  • Internal evaporation
  • Sulfation

The battery discharges on its own within a day when you drive in hot weather than in cold months. In this case, you may frequently find yourself with a dead battery most mornings, and without proper protection in summer, your car is more likely to refuse to start.

Ways You Can Protect Your Car Battery in Summer

To avoid being stranded with a dead battery during summer, there are things you can do to protect it. Please follow these ways to prevent battery damage this summer.

  • Keep it cool

During summer, always park your car in a cool place. You can park in a garage, a carport with enough shade or canopy, under a tree, or use a car cover. It deflects heat, protecting your car from UV rays.

  • Keep the battery clean

The grease and dirt build-up around your battery acts as insulators that trap heat, accelerating the damage. Wipe the battery and keep the engine clean too.

  • Consider regular maintenance

During summer, don't ignore that scheduled maintenance. Things may look okay but may cost you in the long run. Ensure you regularly have battery tests, oil changes, and a full mechanical inspection before the season starts.

  • Flush the cooling system

Make sure your radiator flushes are carried out as recommended. It keeps your engine cool and lowers the strain on your battery. Flush the cooling system regularly with fresh coolant.

  • Inspect your water levels

Unless your battery is maintenance-free, please check your water levels periodically. If your battery has a water level indicator, check it regularly. Ask an expert to help you refill to the recommended point if the levels are down.

While following these protective measures helps, always seek professional guidance. This way, you will avoid costly repairs and damages during your summer. Still, if you need such maintenance and repair services or want your battery serviced, please bring your car to our Exclusive Motorworks today.

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